An open letter from Cefla Service to our partners at Patterson Dental, and their customers.

To our valued customers and also our partners at Patterson Companies:

Between September and November of 2019 Cefla engineers in Italy, along with support personnel in Charlotte NC, worked together to develop a custom version of our TWAIN driver, called iCapture, that would work without failure in EagleSoft Advanced Imaging. This custom version, which begins at v4.15, produced a winning streak of over 15,000 successful TWAIN acquisitions into EagleSoft Advanced Imaging v20.

For each new version of our TWAIN driver, or upgrade to Windows, EageSoft, etc, we re-perform TWAIN acquisition testing into EagleSoft Advanced Imaging. These efforts have added at least 5,000 successful tests in 2020, giving us a streak of 20,000+ successful TWAIN acquisitions into EagleSoft. Our commitment is to keep this testing going to ensure the highest level of interoperability.

As of mid 2020 we have hundreds of our NewTom GO and Giano/Giano HR machines installed in EagleSoft offices around the country as well as intraoral sensors and cameras. I know, without a doubt, that we can succeed with every integration between Newtom and EagleSoft.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact my team, or myself directly. We are here to take care of you in any way that we can. We realize that integrating digital systems is a team effort between the hardware manufacturer, the software vendor, the customer, and the dealer. Cefla is 100% committed to do whatever it takes.

Brett Power 2020/06/25 18:55

Operations Manager, Cefla North America, Inc