Configure iCapture TWAIN API for use with 3rd Party Imaging Applications

Important: After following this how-to, you can learn how to specifically configure your third-party software by reading these guides: Third-Party Integration Guides

 Install iCapture TWAIN API 

First, you need to locate and install the appropriate version of iCapture from our downloads page

Configure iCapture TWAIN API

Locate the iCapture icon in the system tray. You can either double-click the icon to bring up it's properties or you can right-click and then click “Restore”



Click the gear icon to open the application settings screen

De-select “Handle images with iRYS” or “Handle images with NNT”, depending on your software brand, and also make sure that your devices are activated by clicking the appropriate items to give them a green check mark.

Important: Failure to perform this step may result in poor or undesired image quality

To Know: iCapture compiles images differently based on the activation of “Handles images with xxx” configuration option. When checked the image is compiled specifically for viewing in iRYS or NNT; images saved into other applications might look blurry or washed-out on this setting. Always un-check this option when using 3rd-party applications.

Select “Automatic Actions” tab and de-select all options except “Open acquisition window (TwainToDisk)” and “Close Acquisition window”

Note: iCapture is now installed and configured properly. In the third party application make sure the TWAIN source is set to “iCapture Standard”.