iCapture or TWAIN to Disk crashes

Note: All evidence suggests that Windows updates or Windows feature updates may be corrupting or altering previously-installed versions of C++ Redistributables.

Warning: Problem has been observed on Windows 10 Pro versions 1909 and 2004 that received updates during June of 2020

Symptom 1 -

  • iCapture will run for a few seconds and then disappear, or when the PC boots you will think that iCapture never started with the PC.  No direct error message will be seen.   

Symptom 2 -

  • Invocation of iCapture TWAIN “Twain to Disk” will produce a popup window that is much like iCapture Generic, even though it isn't selected
  • If you were to select the device and click OK you would then see an error like this

Symptom 3 -

  • You will see references in the Windows system logs that implicate “KERNELBASE.dll”
  • Do not attempt to modify permissions or any other fixes related to this file
  • All attempts to address this file will be futile

The Fix

  • The only fix in all cases so far is installing C++ from the NNT/iRYS install media:_vcr folder in root of installation media
  • Double clicking on “vcredist.bat”
  • Installing C++ 2013 directly from Microsoft does not resolve this problem

Note: DOWNLOAD C++ HERE vcr.zip