What is TWAIN? What is it for?

TWAIN (Technology Without An Interesting Name) was developed by The TWAIN Working Group, which is a not-for-profit organization that represents the imaging industry. TWAIN's purpose is to provide and foster a universal public standard which links applications and image acquisition devices (example: connecting an x-ray machine to Dexis imaging or EagleSoft Imaging). The ongoing mission of this organization is to continue to enhance the standard to accommodate future technologies. CEFLA, along with just about every other medical imaging manufacturer, has a TWAIN driver to link our hardware to an end-user’s imaging application.

Despite what many people will say TWAIN compatibility has absolutely nothing to do with any manufacturer’s hardware. TWAIN is simply software that sits in between the hardware (x-ray device), and software applications (EagleSoft, Dexis, Apteryx, etc), for the sole purpose of handing off images. Looking at this from Cefla’s perspective, TWAIN integration is strictly between iCapture and the customer’s imaging application.

When asked what imaging applications we support the answer is simple: if the application has TWAIN support then we can integrate. The question, however, is how well the integration works. Out of any issue that we see “batch image transfer” seems to be the most common. Batch transfer refers how many images that we are able transfer at a single time into an imaging application. This concept should be familiar: think about document scanners, you could use a document feeder (to scan multiple pages at once) or scan in one page at a time. Sound familiar? In fact, if you ever have issues saving multiple images at a time into dental imaging applications you can actually use a document scanner with document feeding capability to see if the same issue exists with document scanners and dental imaging hardware. Furthermore, some imaging applications, such as OpenDental, publicly state that they can only accept one image at a time via TWAIN. Others, such as EagleSoft, can vary from one version to the next and even from one PC to the next in the very same clinic.

Generally speaking, it is the design of the imaging software that limits the functionality of TWAIN devices. For example, how many images can be transferred. In cases such as this, there isn’t anything that Cefla can do to resolve the situation alone, however, if our engineers can be put in contact with the customer’s software vendor, there is a much higher chance of resolving the problem. Cefla is always ready to work with software vendors but we do require that they are equally as cooperative.

In the end we highly suggested that TWAIN tests are performed prior to closing the sale in order to set proper expectations and also to uncover any possible performance issues with the imaging application’s TWAIN support.

Please contact Your Cefla Service Team at 866-466-5228 for any help regarding TWAIN as we are always ready to assist.

Below is a list of applications that we have personally and successfully used our TWAIN driver to save images into. This list is ever-changing so check back often for additions to the list.

Confirmed 3rd Party Application List As Of August 2019
Apteryx XrayVision
Apteryx XVLite
Apteryx DCV (single image)
EagleSoft Advanced Imaging
VixWIN Platinum